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The AA STOOL is characterized by simplicity and versatility at the same time – and thereby it has a certain social communicative aspect.


The AA STOOL is usually used as a “pair“: 





In case of a get-together a vis-à-vis can have a seat, if the situation asks for it the AA STOOL can become a (table-)buck (combine AA PLATTE), table, foot step, bench (AA BOHLE), shelf, podium, … .


The AA STOOL is almost undestroyable, a friend for evermore. Use makes the AA STOOL more beautiful. 






ISHINOMAKI LAB by HLZFR. GMBH uses wood from sustainable forestry (FSC Certificate) :


Spruce (Fichte) from Scandinavian or the higher Bavarian woods


Fairly lightweight and soft wood of less texture. Finish of vegetable oil soap treatment with white pigment to prevent yellowing. No knot holes.


Douglaise fir (Douglasie) / European Larch (Europäische Lärche) from German forestry.


More heavy and fairly hard wood. Colors of reddish to pink, sapwood of lighter shades. Ages to warm reddish-brown, the sapwood more into yellow. Finish of vegetable oil soap treatment.  


Spruce is our standard-wood we recommend because its lightweight and for this handiness. Less tecture und white finish give the AA STOOL a more light and “modern” appearance. 


Douglas fir / European larch is more heavy and because of the dark wood more “rustic”.  


We offer more woods and individual finish on demand (CONTACT). 


We use wood of selected quality for furnishing. Please note wood can bend and split by nature. This will not limit either the function nor the esthetic quality but nature gives the AA STOOL a unique character.


The AA STOOL is suitable for outdoor use and can be temporarily exposed to the elements. For outdoor use we recommend the upgrade of details (CONTACT).



by HLZFR. GMBH are handmade in Berlin.






Designer of the AA STOOL are TORAFU ARCHITECTS (JP) 

Founded in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, TORAFU ARCHITECTS employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Works by the duo include a diverse range of products, from architectural design to interior design, exhibition space design, product design, spatial installations and film making. Amongst some of their mains works are ‘TEMPLATE IN CLASKA’, ‘NIKE 1LOVE’, ‘HOUSE IN KOHOKU’, ‘airvase’ , ‘Gulliver Table’ and ‘BigT’. ‘Light Loom (Canon Milano Salone 2011)’ was awarded the Grand Prize of the Elita Design Award. In 2015, airvase is selected for permanent collection of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Published in 2011were the ‘airvase book’ and ‘TORAFU ARCHITECTS 2004-2011 Idea + Process’ (by BIJUTSU SHUPPAN-SHA CO., LTD.) , in 2012, a picture book titled ‘TORAFU’s Small City Planning’ (by Heibonsha Limited) and in 2016, ‘TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inside Out’ (by TOTO Publishing).

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