AA BOHLE is a simple board designed to combine with the AA LOW STOOL to become a bench or as an add-on for a table (AA HIGH STOOL & AA PLATTE).


No standard measures, customized on demand:


Wide= 21 – 36 cm

Length= up to 320 cm


AA BOHLE are made of massive wood of thickness 40(43) mm and got a raw finish incl. vegetable oil soap or either colored varnish or linoleum laminate.


AA BOHLE consists of two wooden planks, glued and dowelled including crosswoods on both ends to work against the natural bending of the wood.


We offer divergent sizes and customization on demand (CONTACT).


Wood & Finish


Spruce (Fichte) and finish of vegetable oil soap treatment with white pigment. 


Douglas fir / European larch (Douglasie / Europäische Lärche) finish of vegetable oil soap treatment.




- Vegetable oil soap

- Colored varnish, high glossy

- Linoleum laminate (designed for flooring, thickness 2,5 mm)




- Frost Grey (cold Grey into Green, preferred for white Spruce)

- Terracotta (Red Earth into Brown, preferred for rustic Douglas fir)


We offer divergent wood, finish and color on demand (CONTACT).


Concept & Engineering


Torben Schomaker, with Sven Stirjan






Handmade in Berlin by HLZFR. GmbH


  • Width = 21 – 37 cm

    Depth = 100 – 320 cm

    Thickness = 40(43) mm

    Wood from European sustainable forestry (FSC Certificate)

    PU water paint (Sikkens / BL Rubbol / High Glossy)

    Linoleum Flooring 2,5mm (Gerfor DLW / Uni Walton LPX / 2,5mm)

    Vegetable oil soap treatment (company / product = Kreidezeit / Marseille Soap)

    White pigment (Lithopone)