AA GURT is a add-on for the AA STOOL made from recycled denim. AA GURT is fixing either the two A’s of the AA STOOL or the AA BOHLE to become a AA BENCH. The AA GURT is also a versatile basic for everyday use.






Dzaino is a Berlin based upcycling label for bags and accessories. All bags are unique handmade items, produced in Berlin and made out of textile waste. The production of Dzaino bags is fair, transparent, local and social. 


Dzaino’s design aesthetic focuses on a minimalistic use of form by combining traditional patchwork techniques with used denim fabric. Rearranging the material to a clean look is the core of the design process. Dzaino updates craft techniques to create handmade, resource-friendly one of a kind pieces with a contemporary feel.






Handmade in Berlin by DZAINO STUDIO


Colour: dark blue denim / light blue denim
  • Wide = 40 mm

    Length = 850 mm (including the clasp)

    direct recycled denim made from 100% Cotton

    nickel-plated Steel