The AA MID STOOL is the original version of the AA STOOL with a standard height of 56 cm – this is where it all began!


The AA MID STOOL offers a higher sitting position suitable to be combined with an office desk, a table to eat at, or in a bar / cafe … the elevation allows the sitting person a more comfortable communication with a person that stands. The AA MID STOOL is combinable with the AA BOHLE to form a bench.


For further information about design and function please check AA STOOL.


We offer divergent heights and customization on demand (CONTACT).


Wood & Finish


Spruce (Fichte) and finish of vegetable oil soap treatment with white pigment.


Douglas fir / European larch (Douglasie / Europäische Lärche) finish of vegetable oil soap treatment.


For further information’s about wood and finish please check AA STOOL.








Handmade in Berlin by HLZFR. GMBH under license from ISHINOMAKI LABORATORY (JP)


  • The AA MID STOOL consist of 2 pieces

    ( A + A = AA STOOL )


    Width = 320 mm

    Depth = 332 mm (plugged = 341 mm)

    Height = 560 mm (Standard height)


    Wood from European sustainable forestry (FSC Certificate)

    Vegetable oil soap treatment (Kreidezeit/ Marseille Soap)

    White pigment (Lithopone)

    Screws made of stainless steal (V2A)


    Ishinomaki Laboratory branding on one side (right)