The AA MID STOOL is the original version of the AA STOOL with a standard height of 56 cm – this is where it all began!


The AA MID STOOL offers a higher sitting position suitable to be combined with an office desk, a table to eat at, or in a bar / cafe … the elevation allows the sitting person a more comfortable communication with a person that stands. The AA MID STOOL is combinable with the AA BOHLE to form a bench.


For further information about design and function please check AA STOOL.


We offer divergent heights and customization on demand (CONTACT).


Wood & Finish


Spruce (Fichte) and finish of vegetable oil soap treatment with white pigment.


Douglas fir / European larch (Douglasie / Europäische Lärche) finish of vegetable oil soap treatment.


For further information’s about wood and finish please check AA STOOL.








Handmade in Berlin by HLZFR. GmbH under license from Ishinomaki Laboratory


  • The AA MID STOOL consist of 2 pieces

    ( A + A = AA STOOL )


    Width = 320 mm

    Depth = 332 mm (plugged = 341 mm)

    Height = 560 mm (Standard height)


    Wood from European sustainable forestry (FSC Certificate)

    Vegetable oil soap treatment (Kreidezeit/ Marseille Soap)

    White pigment (Lithopone)

    Screws made of stainless steal (V2A)


    Ishinomaki Laboratory branding on one side (right)

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