Width = 424 mm

Depth = 138 mm

Height = 200 mm


The CARRY STOOL is a set of stacking stools, which can be turned upside-down to become a tray or container. It can be used at picnics as a tray for food and drinks, as a container for your gardening tools, or as a stool that is just the right size for tending the garden.


Ideal for use indoors as an extra step to access those hard-to-reach places, or playing with kids while being on eye level with them – this stool has been designed with your daily life in mind.






Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1966, Tomoko Azumi trained as an architect at Kyoto City University of Arts (1985-89 BA Environmental Design) before working for an architectural practice in Tokyo. She later studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art (1993-95 MA RCA). Following a ten year partnership as AZUMI, Tomoko Azumi opened t.n.a. Design Studio in 2005.






Handmade in Berlin by HLZFR. GMBH under license from ISHINOMAKI LABORATORY (JP)


Finish: naturally soaped
Wood: Douglas Fir
  • Width = 424 mm

    Depth = 138 mm 

    Height = 200 mm


    Wood from European sustainable forestry (FSC Certificate)

    Vegetable oil soap treatment (Kreidezeit / Marseille Soap)

    White pigment (Lithopone)

    Screws made of stainless steal (V2A)

    Ishinomaki Laboratory branding appears downturned on opposite side